Sale starts at Midnight on Thanksgiving!

This is our biggest sale of all time!  Take 25% off the listed price of any Ball Python(s) on the website that are posted with individual photos.

To place an order:

Send an email to garrick@crestedgecko.com with the ID#s of the snakes you are going to purchase, along with your initials. I will lower the prices of those snakes by 25% and put a hold with your initials.  I will try to check my emails frequently and i'll change the prices as soon as I can.

Once the prices are changed, put them in your shopping cart and purchase.  I will contact you on Monday, Nov. 27th to set up a shipping date.  Most orders will ship on either Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday.

This sale is available for all snakes on the website that are shown with individual photos, including those on the Winter Clearance Sale page.  Snakes on the "Pair and Group Specials, Complete Available List, and Adults & Breeders list are not eligible.  However, if there is something on the Complete Available List that you want, I should be able to offer you a discount of some type.  Please inquire.  Payment plans are not available for this sale.

This sale ends at midnight, Sunday, December 3rd.

I'll be sending out orders on Monday, Nov. 20th for arrival on the 21st.  Any orders placed after noon, Central Time on Nov. 20th will be shipped out the following week, weather-permitting.  If you place an order, I will email you a shipping confirmation and tracking number before your order ships.


Adults & Breeders For Sale:

I've decided to let go of some of my adult and breeder Ball Pythons.  I've held back a LOT of snakes over the past 3 years, which are more genetically complex than my current breeders, making many of my current breeders expendable.  I don't have the space or time for all of my current breeders and my holdbacks, so some of these have to go.I can offer pair and group pricing on these.  Please inquire if there are any you would like. Check out the complete list at the link here:


Updated 9/15/17

I've decided to put a large number of Ball Pythons on sale in order to free up space for the 2017 babies.  Check out my sale page at the link below for some awesome deals on incredble Ball Pythons!  I've recently added dozens of new Ball Pythons to the sale page!


I have hundreds ball pythons available right now, including a lot of rare/specialty morphs.  It is impossible for me to get them all on my website, so I've compiled a complete list of every snake I have.  Click on the COMPLETE PRICE LIST under SNAKES FOR SALE.  UPDATED 10/9/17

Snakes For Sale



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Check out CrestedGecko.com for all your gecko and other lizard needs.   This is our sister site and we have a wide variety of geckos for sale.  See our available page for a complete listing of our leopard, crested, fat tails and more geckos that are for sale.


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