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Check out this recent article by HerpDaily.com on Garrick.



In part 1 of this 2 part mini-series, Garrick DeMeyer from www.crestedgecko.com and www.royalconstrictordesigns.com graciously shares with us his thoughts and advice on Ball Python breeding and the future of the industry!

CHRIS: Do you plan on breeding any new and groundbreaking morphs for any of the species you work with in 2010 and if so, do you mind sharing with us?

GARRICK:  I don’t hide anything up here in Wisconsin and I never mind sharing what I have going on here.  I don’t think we have any brand new ball python morphs coming this year, but we will be producing some pretty rare ones, such as caramel albino spiders, pastel lesser calicos, mystic potions, super mystics, crystals, albino pinstripes, and at least a couple dozen others.

Thank you very much for sharing your wisdom with us Mr.DeMeyer.

He also has a very informative and entertaining Youtube channel: Thecrestedgecko . I suggest you check it out for more nuggets of wisdom!

For Part 2, Garrick DeMeyer tackles Leopard and Crested Gecko Breeding!

See the full article at this link: Herp Daily Article


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