As many of you know, the Coronavirus, or COVID-19 stopped the NARBC from happening.  I've decided to run a 19% off sale + FREE SHIPPING for all purchases over $500.  Please watch my new youtube video for details:

Ball Python Sale Video

Email me (garrick@crestedgecko.com) the ID# of the snake(s) you want when you are ready to purchase.  I'll reduce their prices by 19% (and Free Shipping for orders over $500).  Once the prices are changed, you can place the order through the website.  I'll contact you after I receive your order so we can set up a ship date.  This sale will last 19 days, so it ends on April 1st.  Thanks so much for your support!


The time has for our very popular TAX RETURN payment plan!

Make any purchase over $500.00 and we will allow you to spread the purchase out until you get your tax refund back.

Here's how it works:

Make your selections now for the snakes you want while the selection is best, make an initial 25% non-refundable down-payment on the group, then pay off the balance due when you get your refund check back, or by April 30th, which ever comes first.

PayPal, Credit Cards/Debit Cards, and Money Orders are accepted.

Please email me directly with the ID of the animals you want.  garrick@crestedgecko.com or call me 715.845.5545

Thanks, Garrick!

I have hundreds ball pythons available right now, including a lot of rare/specialty morphs.  It is impossible for me to get them all on my website, so I've compiled a complete list of every snake I have.  Click on the link below or under SNAKES FOR SALE.  UPDATED 4/1/19

Complete Availability List


Check out CrestedGecko.com for all your gecko and other lizard needs.   This is our sister site and we have a wide variety of geckos for sale.  See our available page for a complete listing of our leopard, crested, fat tails and more geckos that are for sale.


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