The time has for our very popular TAX RETURN payment plan!

Make any purchase over $500.00 and we will allow you to spread the purchase out until you get your tax refund back.

Here's how it works:

Make your selections now for the snakes you want while the selection is best, make an initial 25% non-refundable down-payment on the group, then pay off the balance due when you get your refund check back, or by April 30th, which ever comes first.

PayPal, Credit Cards/Debit Cards, and Money Orders are accepted.

Please email me directly with the ID of the animals you want.  garrick@crestedgecko.com or call me 715.845.5545

Thanks, Garrick!

It looks like we have a busy winter and spring ahead of us when it comes to Reptile Expos.  Here are the next few we will be vending at:

Feb. 23rd:  Minnesota Reptile Show- Bloomington, MN  www.mnreptileshow.com

March 1st:  Northern Wisconsin Reptile Show- Green Bay, WI  www.facebook.com/NorthernWisconsinReptileExpo

March 14-15th:  NARBC- Tinley Park, IL.  www.narbc.com

April 26th:  Minnesota Reptile Show- Bloomington, MN  www.mnreptileshow.com

More coming in Summer and Fall!

We will have a large selection of awesome Ball Pythons, Leopard Gekos, and Crested Geckos at Special Show Prices!  You can also pre-order animals to be delivered to the show!  Please contact us for details:  garrick@crestedgecko.com.  I hope to see you there!


Winter-time means limited shipping opportunities, but I do plan to ship whenever weather permits.  If you place an order, I will keep it here safe and sound until a good day presents itself.  My biggest concern is the well-being of my reptiles, and I want to make sure they arrive at their new homes alive and wel.  I have been shipping for over 20 years and I've gotten very good at figuring out when it is good to ship and when I need to wait.

UPDATE:  The weather looks good for shipping on Feb. 17th  Please place your orders by Sunday, Feb. 16th if you would like to receive your order on the 18th.

PAYMENT PLANS: Is your budget tight because of all of the hoilday shopping, but there is still a snake you don't want to miss out on?  No probem!  Put a deposit of 25% down to hold your order and pay the balance in January!  I can offer payment plans for any orders of $300 and up with a minimum of a 25% non-refundable deposit. Please contact me if you'd like to start a payment plan on anything.

I've made a new page on my website to highlight some ball pythons that I've had here for awhile.  I need to free up space, so I've lowered their prices between 20-50%.  Check them out here:


I have been working on this project for several years now and I'm finally ready to release some.  Check out my video showing my Cryptic Ball Pythons here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f2-VtJlHHx4&feature=youtu.be.

A limited number of these are available to purchase. You can see the list at the following link:  http://www.royalconstrictordesigns.com/snakes-for-sale/byhierarchy/190/1944.

I don't have individual photos on the website yet, but I will provide photos for serious inquiries.  I also plan to bring some to the NARBC in Tinley Park on October 12th and 13th.  Taking resservations now!


I have a lot of adults and proven breeders available right now. I need to free up space for new breeeders, so I'm currently offering my breeder males for 25% off their listed prices!  Check out the list at the link below:

Adults & Breeders Page


I don't generally offer quantity wholesale pricing on my ball pythons, but I've had some incredible production over the past few years, so I'm loaded with babies, yearlings and subadults right now.  I can offer wholesale pricing on them at this time.  Keep in mind this is for LARGE-QUANTITY PURCHASES ONLY.  For more info, visit the link here:

Wholesale Ball Pythons

I have hundreds ball pythons available right now, including a lot of rare/specialty morphs.  It is impossible for me to get them all on my website, so I've compiled a complete list of every snake I have.  Click on the link below or under SNAKES FOR SALE.  UPDATED 2/13/19

Complete Availability List


Check out CrestedGecko.com for all your gecko and other lizard needs.   This is our sister site and we have a wide variety of geckos for sale.  See our available page for a complete listing of our leopard, crested, fat tails and more geckos that are for sale.


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