Holdback Rack - Check in with Garrick DeMeyer

Feb 6, 2024 in

 How’s the ball python market in the great white North? Any new insights into perfecting genetic stripe clown ball pythons? I m not sure what we ll be talking about but I m sure it will be ball python flavored. Royal Constrictor Designs https://royalconstrictordesigns.com

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The Reptile Ward!

Feb 17, 2022 in Videos

Tune in for our first show on a new night! Friday wasn’t exactly feasible for some people, so we’re taking over a second night, and what a way to introduce it! Join us and enjoy.

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Through the Snakevine EP 9

May 25, 2021 in Videos

Through the Snakevine EP 9 with special guest Garrick DeMeyer of Royal Constrictor Designs.  Nazar and I are very excited to get the opportunity to chat with Garrick Demeyer of Royal Constrictor Designs. Garrick is one of the guys that got me into the hobby many years ago, watching his passion and dedication towards building projects over the years is nothing short of inspiring.

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